KANO is a Jakarta based travel start-up. Our goal is to create an easier way to plan a vacation and providing unique experience to our users.

We position ourselves as a vacation provider for young people, who want to have a different kind of vacation. Going to new places, connecting with the destination and the people in it. Seeing the world in a different perspective.

People say that world is a book, and those who don't travel only read one page. We believe that is partially true. Book associate with knowledge, and so does travel. By travelling, we understand the way of the world, and become wiser. We want to share this experience with others.

Kano Travel Indonesia
Kano Travel Indonesia


Did you know that human can flash back some of their memory before they die?

Yes it's true, there are limited and special moment that always attach on our memory and we are intend to be part of that memory, by providing an experience of a life that you want to remember of Journeys that you do not want to forget. This is the perfect time to collect those experiences and have one for yourself, because you can't choose the way you die but you can choose the way you want to live, so #Livenow!