5 Reasons why planning a trip is very challenging


So, you’re sitting in your office during a long hot Wednesday afternoon. The clocks are ticking so slowly, and your coffee cup is about to go empty. You take your phone and started opening instagram. Then, there goes those travel photos of your favorite photographers or influencers. Suddenly wanderlust kicked in and you started asking your friends, “hey let’s go there!” And your friends said “ of course, let’s make a plan!”. But as we all know all too well. It normally just ended there, and you’ll repeat the same scene for the weeks after.

That happened to even the best of us. But do you know what, some people took it further and actually made it happen. So here are some challenges that you may face, and how to overcome them.


1. Information Overload

Well, you’ve done your research. In the beginning it looked all good. But you’re still not too sure about it. There are just too many articles, and guide book that contradict each other.

These days, we don’t lack of information anymore, instead we have too many of them. Filtering the good ones can be tricky, since you don’t have experience with the places either. 

The best thing that you can do is to find a reliable source. Our favorites to look out are National Geographic Travel, Lonely Planet, CN Traveler, and Trip Advisor. You can also check some of your favorite bloggers if you think their travel style fits you. Or you can always ask KANO to recommend things and setup a good plan for you! 

2. Too many participants and too many different interest.

Setting up an itinerary can be a difficult task, especially when there are many people involved and they all have different kind of interest. Some like to go on an off beaten path adventure, the others want to go shopping and chilling, and the others just said “up to you” while ignoring every ideas you throw to them. 

It happens, and sometimes it sucks! Going in a small group with like minded people isn’t always possible, but it will actually gives you more. You don’t need to compromise too much on what you like and there will be less time being wasted arguing and more time to enjoy!

3. Getting the shot!

So you’ve seen those great photos on instagram, and you want to get a similar look as well. Guess what, you got there and it looks absolutely different from what you’re hoping for. 

Travel photography is fun, yet it takes a good planning to get good shots. Do your research on the location, prepare the gears needed and prepare your outfit accordingly. Some spots require more effort than the others. Consider the time getting there as well and at what time it is best to photograph there.

4. Flexibility is a trait any good travelers needs to have

Detailed planning is a good thing. But once in a while, things just don’t get according to plan. Weather may turned bad, you may stuck in the traffic, or the flight is delayed. Sometimes things are just out of your control. But don’t worry. Try to be flexible. Prepare extra clothing, toothbrush and soap in case you need to be stuck at an airport. Always have an extra day in your itinerary. So in case you need to change your schedule, you will be ok and you don’t need to be frustrated.

5. Book in advance

While some say spontaneous trip is the best, if you have little time, it’s always good to book your flights and accommodations in advance. Especially if you are traveling during long weekend or holiday seasons. You can normally get cheaper accommodation when you book in advance, and as for the flights, you will give yourself more options when you book early. 

So there you go. Planning may be a daunting task sometimes, but if you take your time it will be worth while. Travel is fun, yet there are some challenges to get it right. 

Alternatively you can always try to get a travel agent to help you planning as well. They’re the ones with experience after all. 


DestinationGino Andriano