A KANO Project to the Dragons’ Island

Once in a while, we like to travel with just some good friends. We’ve made many friends this past 2 years in KANO. Whether those who have joined our trips or those others who have been supporting us in many other ways.

Travel is our passion, it is not just our business. It’s good to be able to earn out of something we are passionate about, but we always try to remember where it all came from.

KANO Project, is usually a specific assignment to one of our team members to scout a new destination, or just looking for contents or do some other things. However, now we invited a few friend to sail with us in one of our favorite destinations in Indonesia. Komodo National Park.

We’ve been here many times, but we felt like we can maybe look for some new activities, or maybe new spots to visit.

And we’ve done just that.

Chillin’ across the ocean with some good friends, in this beautiful place. Mind blowing sunset every day and overall good vibe. 

Here are some tastes of our latest KANO Project through our lenses :