Before You Go : SUMBA


Sumba is an island in Nusa Tenggara Timur Region, Indonesia. It used to be one of the poorest region in the country, but now it has gained a significant popularity due to many films are taking place in this island. This island is also home to the best resort in the World Nihiwatu. Which you may need to spend a fortune to stay there. The best way to enjoy the island is to do a roadtrip, normally from the west to the east. The most iconic places are those golden hills with horses roaming around freely and during the sunset or sunrise, you will be witnessing one of the most magical moments. But it is not the only thing. The strong culture in some of the traditional villages are also worth a visit. You can witness the authentic way of life from the sumbanese. The shoreline around the island also offers another epic landscape and waves like no others. Are you ready to explore?


Main Airport : 

West : Tambolaka Waikabubak Airport, Daily flights from/to Bali and Kupang. Garuda, Wings Air, and NAM Air are flying here.
East : Umbu Mehang Kunda Airport,  Waingapu, Daily Flights from/to Bali and Kupang, Wings Air and NAM Air are flying here.  

Pro tips : You can normally get a cheaper price if you buy your to tickets seperately. For example : JKT - DPS , and DPS - TAMBOLAKA, instead of buying the whole trip at once, you can buy them one by one. Get better deal and normally better timing.


It is hot and humid most of the time. You can visit Sumba all year around. Though rain might fall during the wet season.

Dry Season  :  March - October
Wet Season :  November - February

During the southern hemisphere winter, Sumba might be getting some cold winds from Australia at night, hence the temperature might drop. 

If you are specifically planning to get some photographs or view, you might want to consider the season. During dry season, the grass on the hills (Wairinding, Tanarara, Puru Kambera) will be yellow-ish, while during the wet season they will all turn to green.



It’s and island full of adventure. Not too crazy, but you need to bring just enough to get through your days comfortably. Comfy walking shoes or sandals are a must. Dress comfortably, it will most likely be hot and humid most of the time. You’ll spend many hours on the road, so anything that can help you get through a long drive will help. Especially if you get road sick easily, bring some medication for that as well. 

For photographers, it’s a good idea to have tripod, for long exposure shots and some astrophotography at night. And for the rest of you, bright colored clothing (yellow, red, white, etc) might help you get better photos, as it will give contrast to the landscape in the background, so you will get those popping cool photos.  

Some areas are still Malaria active, though we are not going through those places, you need to be aware of it and it is recommended to take anti malaria before going there. Anti mosquito lotion could also help.

Some candy and chocolates is a good idea to bring. Many kids will ask for money, but instead you can give them those.


Sumba is famous for its fabrics, Tenun Ikat, is one of the most well known and considered to be one of the best fabrics in the country.  You can see first hand how they are made from and you can get the authentic Tenun Ikat from here. Prepare some cash! They are not cheap. The price ranges from IDR500k for the small ones, to millions of Rupiah for the big ones.

Another thing that is not so famous, yet unique is Sumba Coffee. Not the most wel known coffee, but for coffee lovers, it has a unique taste and it might fill your thirst for some nice black coffee.

  1. Public toilet is rare. So be prepared!

  2. Some of the most famous brands in Jakarta use Tenun Ikat bought from some workshops in Sumba. Especially in Waingapu.

  3. Sunset in Walakiri Beach is one of the best and weirdest. You can see why once you’ve seen those weird looking mangroves.

  4. The island is so under developed, there are no official ticketing, so mostly just negotiating with the locals for “entrance fees”, especially true in West Sumba. So always have a guide with you (it not so fun fact though sorry)

  5. The southern part of the island has some of the best surfs in the world.

  6. People often spell Waikuri wrongly. They call it Weekuri. “Wai” means water/river in Sumba, therefore many places use it for its name there. And it is not actually a lake, it is rather a huge lagoon.