New Zealand is mainly divided into 2 area, North Island and South Island. Which one is better? Well that’s a tough question to answer, but if you only have short period of time, then South Island it is. South Island has some of the best scenery in the world. Beautiful is an understatement. Every corner has its own beauty and you can’t ever get bored with the view along the 2000+km road. It is also home to 2 World’s Dark Sky Reserve Areas, means awesome stargazing sessions on nightly basis.


Christchurch International Airport is the main entry and exit point. Many internationals airlines flying there daily. So it should not be too difficult to get there.

From Indonesia, we mostly fly with Air Asia, Qantas, Jetstar, Singapore Airlines.


NZ’s location is quite far south. In fact in one of the journey in south island we can reach down to 45 degree south. That means pretty close to Antarctica (well not really but closer than most places). In the winter it can be very cold we’ve experience -15c in the mountains area. In the summer it’s quite mild most of the time (20-30c). Days are shorter during the winter and longer during the summer. You can do most hiking all year round. But during the winter the chance of road and trek closure is much higher due to snow. Driving is generally quite safe, even during the winter. Road are very well maintained. Though you might need to put on snow chain is some of the mountain passes.

Winter is an excellent time to go skiing and stargazing. There might also be a good chance to see the illusive “Southern Light” or  Aurora Australis. Summer is a good time to do a lot of hiking.

Winter : June - August
Spring : September - November
Summer : December - February
Fall : March - May



It’s one of the most adventurous destinations in the world. Prepare to be on the road for around 2000+km, that’s about 3 - 5 hours drive everyday!  Warm clothing is a must, even during the summer, since when we get to the mountains, it can be quite cold sometimes. Comfy hiking shoes is a must! And prepare for a lot of rains. Bring all your camera gears, it will be worth it! Sun glasses is necessary when we are on the mountain, since the reflection from the snow can damage your eyes. Anyway, just keep warm and comfy. Prepare for an adventure of a lifetime!


It’s not a shopping destination, but if you are looking for some souvenirs, we have a few recommendations for you. Manuka honey is one of the famous products here. Also anything related to ships. Rugby is also big. NZ won the last world championship and so you might see a lot of rugby souvenirs everywhere. There are some good coffee shops and awesome restaurants around especially in bigger towns like Christchurch, Queenstown and Wanaka. So you might have a little bite of some things there.



  1. You can actually see Aurora in NZ (if you’re lucky and determined enough)

  2. Some of those cool pics in social media, are not that easy to get. You might need to hike for a few hours to get them. But seriously it will be all worth the effort.

  3. You don’t need an international driver’s license to drive in NZ, however a translated one is required.

  4. There are more ships than human in NZ. Yep

  5. Foods are awesome but quite pricey in most places, especially in the smaller towns.

  6. Fergburger is the best burger you’ll ever try. PERIOD (though you might need to wait for a few hours to get one).

  7. Flying a drone is mostly prohibited, but we’ll get you on a heli so no worries mate.