Before You Go : RAJA AMPAT


Considered to be one of the best underwater destination in the world. These islands offer more than just a typical island adventure. You can feel the sense of rawness in this place. Even if you’re not a diver, Raja Ampat’s scenery above the water is just as good. Getting there isn’t quite as simple, but not that complicated as well. Flights are now cheaper and access to the islands are much easier. Are you ready for the ultimate island adventure?


Sorong is your main entry and exit point. Garuda, Lion Air, Batik Air, Sriwijaya Air, NAM Air are all flying to this town daily. There are direct flights from Jakarta, Makassar and Bali as well. So getting in and out from Sorong is easy. Once you get to Sorong you need to get yourself to Waisai, which can either by flying or ferry. From Waisai then you will start the actual adventure.


The weather in Papua is different from the ones in the Western parts of Indonesia. It’s pretty much exactly the opposite in terms of timing. June - August is the wet Season, December - February is the dry season and hence the better time to visit. Sea is calmer and water visibility is better. 

Wet Season  :  March - October
Dry Season :  November - February


It’s gonna be an island adventure, so there will be a lot of time in the water. Swim suit is a must. Sun block and sun glasses too of course. Comfy walking sandals are recommended since there will be a little bit of walk here and there. 



There aren’t much really. But there are always some souvenirs around, so you can buy them if you like to.



  1. There are 3 main visiting areas, and you can’t visit them all at once. Pianemo, Wayag, and Misol. KANO is going to Pianemo.

  2. There are sharks on the jetty! But they’re not dangerous, i think...

  3. Apart from the underwater one of the best think that you might be able to see is the birds of paradise (cendrawasih), it’s quite hard to see but it is possible.

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