Before You Go : JAPAN


Japan, what about it? Great foods, awesome shopping, great street photography, strong culture. It’s many things. And it’s all good. Tokyo is one of the busiest and densely populated city in the world. Surprisingly it is “quite” and very civilized. A different kind of adventure but always fun. There’s just a little bit of everything for everyone here.


There are 2 main airports in Tokyo, Haneda and Narita. Both are very accessible from anywhere in the world. From Indonesia, we are normally going with ANA, Garuda, Air Asia. But really, any airlines will do.


Climate : Sub-tropical


Summer : June - August
Fall : September - November
Winter : December - February
Spring : March - May

Anytime is a good time to visit Tokyo. Winter will obviously be cold and wet, while summer is exactly the opposite. Many people come to Tokyo for the cherry blossom season in Spring, but it will be very crowded.



Well, just dress according to the season, be fashionable to be in town, and get a comfy walking shoes. Because just like any other big developed cities, you will most likely be traveling on public transport.


ANYTHING! Some high end branded fashions, some of the most awesome foods, some crazy ass electronics. I mean, you can get pretty much anything here. So make a list now!



1. Tokyo is one of the most densely populated city in the world.
2. Many people say foods are expensive. But if you are not picky, it can be quite cheap.
3. They don’t have christmas holiday.