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Enjoy the full KANO Experience. Take it slow, and understand the destinations. Each trips are at least 5 days long, so you have plenty of time. There’s no rush. You will be accompanied by our guide from HQ and also our local destination specialist.



Photography has been a very important part of travelling in this digital age. Not just for your social media but also to preserves the memories for years to come. Our experienced photographers will join you in this trip, documenting you and the destination at its best.



The trips will be treated as a once in a life time trip. There is limited availability on each trip, and therefore we can serve you better. Each destinations are special, we designed every trip for those wanderlust who wants to explore more.



A roadtrip around NZ’s South Island. 8 days cruisin’ among the mountains and under the stars.
We’ll take you to some of the most beautiful parts of the world. From snowy mountains, aurora australis, sailing around the fiord, and more

Join us to this epic once in a lifetime roadtrip!



What is it about Tokyo?
One of the most developed and cultural city in the world.

We’ll take you on an urban and culture adventure. Live like a local, taste the foods, and go out shopping if you want. Take the public transports and understands the city a lot more.

Let’s Explore!



If Tokyo is a little bit too urban for you, Osaka might just be the right alternative.

This trip will not only take you in Osaka, but also Kyoto and Nara.
Fell the more laid back vibe in Osaka, and learn the history of Japan in Kyoto and Nara.

Get some of the most epic photographs in these photogenic cities, and feel the traditional vibes around.



Long considered as the “forgotten island”, these days Sumba has been gaining a lot of popularity.
Can’t blame them though, this island is so beautiful, that we never had quite enough time to explore it properly.

This time, we are taking you on an ultimate 5 days adventure, visiting some of the less explored places, and enjoying the beauty at a much longer time.

Join us in this ultimate Sumba Roadtrip!

SUMBA 2.jpg


Legend says, that dragon is real. And they live among the islands of Flores.
What if i tell you, that it’s true?!

Let’s sail among the islands of Komodo National Park, swim among some of the most unique under water sceneries in the country, find the dragons walking along the pink sand beaches, while chillin’ on a boat, enjoying the best sunset you’ve ever seen.

Get on board with us in Komodo!


Still can’t find your adventures?

Do you know? KANO also organise many customised private trips.

We have an arsenal of destinations for you to choose. You can travel at your own pace with your family or friends.

Let’s chat to make your dream trips come true!